PROJECTS > Qualities of Care

Found crochet blanket, deconstructed linen tablecloth, found vintage yarn
72" x 52"

This piece is a counterpoint to the CareGiver work. There is a play on words between the two with their "give and take." The term caretaker, itself usually applies to the care of property or place (unlike caregiver which a person tending to another.) What does it mean it in a more literal sense? What is a person who “Takes Care?” It is a phrase used in parting, when saying goodbye. Is it as a person who absorbs care, who takes but without return?

With none of the additional highly worked dimensional florals or open work of CareGiver, CareTaker remains nearly all surface level. The tablecloth, like a too small gauze bandage, softens and obscures. The embroidered cutwork butterflies open like mended tears or stitches, exposing small views of what is beneath.