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Bone Shaker
Bone Shaker
Found fencing mask, shell, silk, oil paint, plastic, beads, bone

This is part of a larger body of work engaging with found meshwork and fencing masks. In biology and anatomy, the word parietal refers to the wall or division between cavities. There is a separate but still observable interiority, layering visibility through the open weave.
In the cant of the head, there is a sense of detachment, like the aloofness of a medieval saint or indifference of something robotic, with an uncomfortable, disconcerting eroticism.
All of the masks and mesh-weave have been worn or utilized and discarded. The contrapposto tilt of the neck-guard, shaped by wear, carries the gesture of a body, by its absence. Objects are added to the vacant space inside the mask, like thoughts or emotional underpinnings.
The beads inside the piece, most, larger than chess pieces, are carved from dried bones. They knock together, rattling, shaking if moved.